Sunday, October 14, 2018

Regrets, Words Unsaid

The most painful words
are the ones left unsaid
The ones we whisper
to someone in their grave
Settled, silent, unresponsive
And we regret
the times we bit our tongue
and kept the words in
knowing that we should have
help back our pride
and simply said
I love you

Bonyo Buogha 2018

Scars & Life

No need crying
over spilt milk they said
Try burying
your head in the sand
they cried
No need to bleed
when you've been cut
they felt
No need filling
plucked tooth space
they chimed

See, many see, but few feel
Many talk, few have walked
Many die, few have lived
to the edge & experienced
the pain and scars
of fighting
their biggest enemy 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Plastic Smiles

Insincere politeness
and pretentiousness
And "how fair thees"
and ""very well, see"
hidden under plastic smiles
Gloves velvet
Is that you
Ready to pounce
With a smile
on your face?

What a disgrace

© Bonyo Buogha 2016