Thursday, February 11, 2016


I don't care much for weevils nowadays. I come across them in my flour when I'm settling to prepare my morning porridge, and go right ahead and pour them into the mix. See, you need to know where I am coming from: for the most part of my life weevils were a bother, a huge distraction. I could not stand weevils; seeing the tiny black things in my flour would put me off and I would get rid of the whole package. Not anymore.

See, I have grown over the years. I am more mature now, and better at discerning what is a deal-breaker and what is not. Weevils, which were too big a deal, are now too insignificant to elicit a shrug - they have actually turned into part of my food nutrient! You will need something bigger to stop me from having porridge, not weevil infestation. You will need something even bigger to stop me from chasing my dreams.

Are the same things that stopped you ten years ago the same things that are stopping you now? Are you suffering, a victim of the same recurrent problem? Or are you growing, maturing and becoming bigger - way beyond, and playing with bigger problems?

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