Thursday, June 3, 2010

Somesha Watoto Saturday (12 June 2010)

Do you have any books lying around at home? At the office? Anywhere? Any book that can be read by a very young child to one suitable for a young adult? ANY BOOK AT ALL!?

Somesha Watoto is a great opportunity to promote literacy among the youth in the less privileged communities; Education is key for the future of our youth.

We shall have a session on 5 June 2010 where we shall share knowledge treasures with youth from Good Samaritan Home and Rehabilitation Centre in Mathare. We shall have a great time!

Collect as many books as you can; talk to your family, friends, even the guy next door. Bring your books, their books, and bring someone along!

Somesha Watoto; help our youth gain a love of books!!/event.php?eid=118745981495728&ref=ts

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