Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Word, My Wand

My Word is my Wand
Whatever I declare comes forth
I say, therefore I am

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will You Still be Mine?

Will you still be mine in the morning
After the evening passion fades
After all the pleasures of last night
have all been swept away

Will you still be mine
After the bitter arguments and fighting
After harsh words have been exchanged
will you open your arms and let me back in

Will you still be mine
When I lose everything, lose it all
Will you support me from scratch
Be the one I can always depend on

She & He Yin & Yang

Her perception, beyond sensory;
She hears my silent heart desires
Tastes my thoughts
and writes words straight on my heart
She radiates throughout my whole
and is embodied in my physical, and my soul
Yin & Yang; together we are whole

I'll Be Waiting (for you)

I'll be waiting for you
Out in the rain, when all seems gray
When blinded, and you can't seem to find your way
I'll be your guide, and still your friend
Show you the ropes, be the ever helping hand
I'll tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it
Push you to face every challenge, no matter how you fear it

Question is, when roles reverse, Will you wait for me?

Kiki Wea Kenda

When I trip and fall,
Kiki Wea Kenda
When I seem to do everything wrong,
Kiki Wea Kenda
When I've lost sight
lost deep in the sea
Be my lighthouse
that beacon, my trusted guide
Kiki Wea Kenda

*Don't leave me/Stay by my side

Free Will: A Pen and a Blank Page

Your Story is not my story
But is a book, just like mine
In this library of life, each book has a chapter
Each chapter a story in its own
"My First Crush, 'My First Kiss','My First Heartbreak','My First Moment of True Happiness'" among others
Each story is a learning experience
Each in its own way important
We relive, & learn from previous chapters
And write the following chapters, when we decide to do so
It's up to us to decide how the story ends
Free will; A Pen and a Blank Page
Staring at you to write the script
Do not let others write your story
It's YOUR life, LIVE it! Decide. Write.
That's the turning point, that's when you truly start to live

A Pearl and a Rock

I know this fine young man
A king in his heart
Dreams of reaching the stars
As he sits in the makeshift mud hut

I know this pretty young girl
A world apart
Her life all planned out
Right from the start

The pebble dreams of being a rock
The pearl, of being loved and adored
Two fitting pieces of a puzzle
Yet to interlock
The story's still in the making
of the Pearl and the Rock

Driving the Politics Folly Train

The Words that come out of his mouth
Defy the grey hairs on his head
What's held between his ears
Leaves much to be desired

He's a perennial liar
Doesn't know the meaning of truth
Yet every five years
We line up to cross his name,
and cast the ballot in the booth

Cherry-Lipped Kiss

Sweet, like the fresh fruity taste
Nice, soft, deep red and cold
Cherry, the taste that never grows old


Wish I could speak my mind
Wish I could free my thoughts
Wish I could swallow my pride
Avoid the slippery slope to the Fall