Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Happiness

Happiness is not a fish that you can catch, nor buy.
Happiness is a state of mind, it exists within. Most of us just don't know where and how to look. We let our happiness be determined by external factors, uncontrollable ones. We let friends, family, lovers et al be our 'happiness determinors'.
In this life I've learnt that you can't find something if you don't know exactly what you're searching for. Hence the need to sit down and write about past experiences that enabled you feel true joy, those memorable moments you relive on quiet Saturday afternoons with doors locked and room quiet with curtains closed and everything switched off; yes, those moments. Focus on experiencing those happy moments again, or new experiences that will make you feel equally good, or better. Avoid searching for happiness in the wrong places; it is like chasing the wind or fishing smoke. I believe happiness is our birth right.
So smile, don't worry, be happy. You choose what dominates your thoughts, hence your feelings. Always remember that.

Lessons in Learning

I am in the process of learning myself
Understanding why some words escape me
Why some stay under my breath
I'm learning to face my fears
Learning not to swell up inside
To cry in the moment, not to hold back the tears
for with tears the pain is washed away
I'm learning to forgive
and more importantly to forget
Learning not to expect too much from others
I only have control over myself
I'm learning the true meaning of being alive
Filtering thoughts that occupy my mind
Filling myself to the brim
Acknowledging that Joy with-out is a radiation of joy within

Obama Kind of Joy

A friend of mine asked my why I'm happy Obama won.
I told him I'm happy coz he represents where I'm going
That I can be anything I dream regardless of where I was born
That my skin is only that, SKIN
And regardless of my circumstances, what matters is what's within

Barrack's taught me about hope
About not letting go of my dreams
And the essence of working with a team
We all need to hold hands,nobody can go at it alone
He's reminded me there are no impossibilities
Only unrealized imagination

You don't have to play the cards you're dealt
You write your own script
Don't let the past dictate what you will get
It's all yours if you want it!

And in the midst of it all
Don't forget where you came from
A house you can replace
But you can't replace your home